November 2021 | Open mind 🌌 ($4.7K MRR)

November was a month of self improvement.

It had been a while since I had focused on myself this much.

The reason is because I am single again after more than three years.

Yes. I am sad. Yes. I cried. Yes. I am lonely. But I am also excited to work on myself again full time. Become my own best friend again.

I have been trying out new things and added new habits.
- Completed a triathlon untrained.
- Started Jiu Jitsu and fought in a tournament.
- Took a Italian cooking class in Italy and learned to cook better.
- Started meditating and focusing on my business more seriously.

I know.. all the above sound fucking cringe. The guy who is single and is trying out everything to distract himself.

But I really want to incorporate this into my lifestyle.

Try out new things. And travel. The only two things I have found that can stretch out time.

They make life seem longer.

It's the only defense we have against the speed of time, which is constantly accelerating as we get older. Closer to death.


Another thing that happened was that during November, I took a random Zoom call with a reader of this blog.

He used to ran a multi million dollar SaaS and was now looking to raise money for a cool tech startup. He wanted to have a small chat and I accepted.

During our very friendly and cool chat, he asked me a simple question:
- "Why do your customers unsubscribe?"
- "Well.. I have a little opt out form on my website. And whether they say it this way, or that way, or any other way, most of them are saying the same thing. They don't have time to sit down and send the emails. Either individually. Or as a company."
- "Then why don't you send the emails for them?"
- "Well..."

I was left with my mouth open.

Such a simple question. But so powerful.

I had never thought about it.

My immediate knee-jerk reaction was to say that I don't want to run a service business. That I am a company of one and my resources and time are very limited.

That I only want to work on things that are scalable and don't require me to trade my time.

And the call ended something like that.

But the seed was planted.

Just for fun, I sent out an email to my customers. I said that I could either refer them to an agency or send the emails for them, because I understand they don't have time.

Eight people replied saying that they are interested.

Had a meeting with the first client.

Dropped a crazy price of $2,000 per month just to see what they would say.

They accepted.

Holy fuck. This could be huge.

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