October 2021 | Chess vs Poker ($4.7K MRR) ♠️

October was a month of deep thinking.

I want to start treating entrepreneurship more like chess rather than poker. Which isn't really my style.

Everything I have done this far and has worked has come through systems that has emerged randomly and organically, rather than being well thought out and designed.

Right now, I want to move away from organic social as my main distribution channel. And move closer to SEO.

Something more separated from my time and inputs.

Two main reasons: 
1. Twitter has a cap. More than 3 tweets per day is hyperbolic. SEO doesn't work like that. There is no real ceiling. You could post one thousand, or even one million blog posts.

2. The average lifetime of a tweet is one day. Slack off for a week, see your growth declining. SEO doesn't work like that. The average lifetime of a blog post is 3 years.

I have traffic right now. Twitter and SEO are at exactly the same level. Around 3,000 unique visitors per month.

Twitter converts well. SEO the opposite.

I get ~1 customer per month from SEO. But if I could nail this down and get 5 customers per month, then I would be golden.

Because my SEO play is company profiles.

Now I have 10,000 pages. But I could just grab 100,000 pages if I wanted and post them tomorrow.
(Of course they would take months and months to rank properly, but you get the point, it's scalable)

I am trying to work backwards. See what kind of traffic I'm getting and then adjust my offering to them.

I added a tool to analyze what type of companies visit my website.

So far it's all over the place.

From IBM, to small agencies, to construction companies, to consultancies, to trucking companies, to big pharma.

Maybe I should go generic? I have no idea and feel lost.

Which is normal. And feels familiar.

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