April 2nd, 2020 | Excited

I missed a few days, the reason being that I was compiling the list of startups for March for Cyberleads.

The funding rounds did not take a hit from the covid situation, if anything, it increased.

One reason for that may be that they are pushing to finalize deals before things get more crazy. Let's see what happens next.

There were many YC companies as well. Spotty kids, about my age or even younger, with "revolutionary" ideas. I am a bit cynical with the VC startup world, I can't help it.

From what I see, YC is investing HEAVILY on the LATAM and Indian market.

I rested a few days and reflected on Q1. I will post a monthly blog in the weekend and also will post a Quarterly mega blog post with my plans for Q2. Spoiler alert: I will focus on Cyberleads.

I am also excited for work. My company is building a solution for Covid-19, a remote patient monitoring system using technologies we have indoors. It has a tight schedule and timeline, and everyone is working as one team.

This is EXACTLY why I joined this company, and although it seems strange to say, I am really excited to work on my company side as well! :)

I had some internal thoughts that apart from self-isolating, I should use my skills and powers to help with the situation, and this makes the cut!

Anyway, this week I'll focus on work, and on the week end I will blog everything about the previous month, and a monster blog post about the past quarter.

See you then!

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