July 29th, 2021 | Love hate relationship

On Monday, I take a walk and think about how beautiful Italy is.

On Tuesday, the bus never comes and I curse.

On Wednesday, I eat some food and relax by the sea smiling.

On Thursday, I am speaking with my account about the crazy bureaucracy and I get stressed out.

On Friday Saturday and Sunday, again I swing back and forth.

Half of the time, I wish I could pack my bags and move to central or northern Europe and just live there full time.

The other half of the time, I want to travel the world and live in places like Italy, Thailand, Brazil and South Africa.

Today was another rollercoaster.

Yesterday was amazing, hiking the most active volcano with some of the friendliest people I've met.

Today, I arrived at the airport to fly to Greece. The COVID test area suddenly stopped serving departing passengers and all test centers were shut. Classic.

We had to go outside where all the blood sucking taxi drivers were waiting to rip us off. It's a well known fact that the website has false information. And they know that you have absolutely no other choice.

In a negotiation, the person that has less to lose always wins.

We ended up going to the only open private clinic in the city, have the taxi wait outside, and return.

Ended up paying $100, and most importantly, stress my ass off. Which is something I don't want in my life.

At least it all ended up well. Writing this blog post from inside the airport.

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