July 28th, 2021 | Hiking and friends

Today we went hiking on mount Etna with my sister.

It is the most active volcano in Europe. 3,000 meters tall. Moon like craters and Mars like terrain.

We didn't go to the summit like we wanted, since there were no tours at the times we wanted and suited us. We went to 2,500 and hiked for around 3 hours.

During our ascent, we heard a loud noise. Mount Etna exploded and we could see smoke coming out. They weren't joking when they said she is very active!

The guides told us that it usually happens once every 10 days, so we are lucky to have seen it.

"Oh, look, Mount Etna says hi to you!"
(In the most stereotypical Italian accent)

About an hour later, it exploded again.

"Incredibile! She must be getting ready for a big explosion in a few days/weeks."

We also made many friends on the hike. The island at last is full of life. And it had been so long since I met new people I can speak English with, that I got very excited.

We ended up going all for drinks at night in the city. Fun little day!

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