July 13th, 2021 | Luck

Last night we went out in Ragusa. Such a beautiful place. Completely human centered. No cars.

We walked around for hours and then sat somewhere to eat.

We went to a place called “The Four Cats”. But in reality, it had around 50 cats outside. The owners were in love. Haha.

The food was great.

And we ended up staying there till late, talking to the waiter. He caught our attention because he was speaking in broken English and in broken Italian. He was in Italy for just two months.

The place was almost empty. After a while we were deep into conversation.

Over a few drinks, he started telling us that he is working two jobs. His first job starts at 5:00 AM and his second job ends at 01:00AM. And that he is sending almost all of his money back home to help marry his two sisters.

“That’s the culture in Bangladesh man. Type it in YouTube and you’ll see. I have to marry my sisters first. And then I want to bring my little brother here in Italy. And ideally my parents too.”

Life is a fucking gamble man. So much weight on a person a couple of years younger than me.

I am biased as fuck, but I want to get everyone in tech. That’s were the money is. And working with your mind is far better than working with your body. I thought I should just plant the seed. Why not.

“Do you have a laptop?”, I ask him.

“Uhm, no.”

“Man, you have to learn coding. Programming, you know! Buy a cheap laptop and start YouTube-ing shit. That’s where the money is and it’s not hard. You are young and smart.”

With the corner of my eye I saw my girlfriend. I could tell that she was thinking of giving him her second laptop. Later I asked her and she told me that it was try.

Before leaving, he told us how weird it was that he told us everything about him and his family. And told us that our next stop, Syracuse, is his favorite city on the island.

We laughed. Left a huge tip. Parted ways. And carried on.

I swear to god. I will never feel better than anyone else. I am lucky as fuck.

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