May 25th, 2021 | Too many new variables

I want to add a live demo on Cyberleads' landing page.

As of now, there is a "View live demo" button above the fold.

While that's good and people click on it, it requires action.

Why don't I just add a live demo straight away embedded on the landing page, instead of having a static image and a button that takes you to the live demo.

As I wrote yesterday, people don't have time for your landing page. You only have a few seconds, and that's it.

Today, I added the live demo on the landing page for a while. And while I think I preferred it, I took it down.

Why? Three reasons.

1. Sometimes it takes whole seconds to load.
2. It makes Cyberleads look a bit of a side project cause it's an embedded Airtable sheet.
3. I don't want to add more variables to this experiment.

The experiment is seeing if creating a database is the right move.

If I start adding new variables like changing the copy and changing the landing page, my results will be screwed.

I won't know what had a positive or negative effect. Was it the database idea? Was it the landing page? Was it the copy? Was it all of them? Two of them? A combination of all?

Keep the scope small. And test individually.

I'll have time to test this later.

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