May 24th, 2021 | Nobody has time for you

I've been experimenting lately with turning Cyberleads in sort of a tiny database.

But as I was redesigning the landing page, I realized that I started to become vague.

The previous tagline was: "700+ companies that just raised money and are looking to outsource to agencies. In your inbox. Every single month".

And a button that said "Send me leads every month".

It performed great. And I think it's because it's simple and clear.

I have seen 1000s of landing pages while compiling the monthly lists for Cyberleads. And the biggest mistake I see make is landing pages being far too vague.

That would be the equivalent of me saying: "Cyberleads is the best way to find new clients for your digital agency."

And a button that says "Get started right now".

It's far too vague and really doesn't say anything.

People seem to think that others have time for their landing page. You only have a few seconds. That's it.

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