May 23rd, 2021 | Iterating is simplifying

While my robots are helping with compiling the Cyberleads database, I've been tweaking the landing page.

I'm always terrified of updating the copy. Because one wrong move is all that's needed to make your product seem completely different. Or super complicated.

When, in my case, it's just a fucking spreadsheet. Or a newsletter.

I'm having a real hard time of explaining in the copy that it's a database, while at the same time explaining that you receive updates every single month, which is very important, because you can reach these newly funded companies first, before your competition.

After that, I come full circle and decide that the newsletter is the heart of this product anyway. Maybe just offer the newsletter as the true value and have the archive serve as a honey pot.

I think that's how I'll approach this. So, almost identical to the previous version of Cyberleads, which was a newsletter. Just now, you also get the full archive when you sign up.

Of course, I have to play with the tiers. Because people could just subscribe to the monthly tier, pull all the data and bounce.

This reminds me how hard it is hard to iterated upon your product in the right manner.

If done right, every iteration should make your product feel simpler to use and easier to understand.

If not, then you aren't iterating. You are moving backwards.

This quote always sticks with me when I work on product:
"Perfection is not when there is nothing more to be added. It's when there is nothing more to be removed."

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