May 20th, 2021 | Cyberleads database

In March I migrated from a no code platform to a Ruby on Rails app. Also, this week I migrated from Gumroad to Stripe.

With those two things and with platform risk out of the way, I am now in the fortunate position to have optionality. I could leave Cyberleads as it is and keep doing my thing, or improve it.

One thing I've been thinking ever since Cyberleads started was turning it into a database one day.

And I'm getting close to having 10,000 companies in the archive! How cool is that!

So, why not combine all the files into one and offer it as a fast growing database? If I could project my own behavior and assume that I'm not a weirdo, a database would make me subscribe a lot easier, rather than a $100/mo newsletter.

It makes sense. But that's on paper. But until this idea it gets exposed to the real world, it's just a theory.

I have some work to do, but doesn't sound too hard.

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