May 21st, 2021 | Opening Pandora's box

Yesterday was one of the worst days in recent memory. It gave me flashbacks of an older time.

As I was chilling, I got a notification of a new paying customer.

Amazing! A brilliant video product agency from Brazil. It made my day.

This was my first Stripe subscriber ever since I left Gumroad, so I hoped on my laptop to check if the initial email was sent correctly, if the user created successfully in the database, etc.

Well.. no. Fucking code. Always breaking. The webhook failed because of a bug and they never received their email with their first list.

Thankfully, they never actually said anything and I ended up sending the email manually. And then I fixed the bug.

Then the Stripe webhooks fired again! And that resulted in them receiving their intro email two more times.


I was coding at 11:00 PM to fix this bug. Something I haven't done in years.

I'm going to be honest here. This made me rethink my decision of going with a code based app, instead of a no code platform like Bubble. In order to avoid platform risk and increase flexibility.

Coding opens up Pandora's box. And I don't want that.

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