May 19th, 2021 | Single point of failure #2

Another point of failure I addressed this month was leaving Gumroad.

Yes. It's a little sad. Yes. I love Gumroad. As a company. The people that work there. Literally, everything about them.

But there is something very specific to Cyberleads that I am afraid. And that is privacy laws.

Offering publicly available business data is completely legal. And publicly available founder data. But I'm always on the edge of my seat because laws like GDPR pop up from time to time.

And having a Merchant of Record means that I don't own my subscribers. Gumroad owns them.

And if at some point some new law pops up in one year from now and they don't want to take liability, they might kick me off their platform.

Maybe I'm paranoid. But that's the way I think about these things.

I want to maximize Cyberleads odds for success by minimizing stupid, catastrophic mistakes. Just because I was bored to implement Stripe or communicate a little more with my accountant.

So I did it. And it took less than a week.

So, here are my reasons for leaving Gumroad.
1. Webhooks. I can build custom workflows.
2. Looks more professional. Gumroad screams side project.
3. More conversions. Many people had problems getting their card accepted with Gumroad.
4. I own my subscribers and can take business risks without having to rely on someone else.
5. I want Cyberleads to be sellable. Who knows! Selling an app built on an obscure platform is hard.

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