March 21st, 2020 | I am getting lazy..

Let's be honest here. I have started to slack off a bit.

I had a small notebook where I write what time I get up in the morning, if I work out and how many hours I work out every day.

I write in green what is good, in red what is bad.

I have stopped doing it. Basically, ever since I started working remotely, my productivity has plummeted.

If I focus on my projects in the morning like I used to, I can't get to push myself to work afterwards.

If I focus on work in the morning, I can't push myself to work on my projects in the afternoon.

I also stopped writting daily. Honestly, looking back, it gave me a kind of clarity of though that nothing else does.

Like a tweet I posted once, "Blogging is like cleaning your room, but for your mind."

I also stopped tweeting every day.

Basically I have to stop and regroup asap. Ever since my success with Cyberleads, I have focused again on goals, not systems, which is wrong.

Now I am being tested. This was my new years resolution. To focus on systems, not goals. To be disciplined, and to let the results come naturally.

This I have to do every day:

Wake up at 6:00 AM.
Work until 10:00 AM.

Boom! Already done for the day.

Work from 10:00 AM to 13:00 PM.

Work out and eat until 14:00 PM.

Work until I am finished for the day, about 18:00 PM.

Also, I have to tweet once per day.

Discipline equals freedom, and contraints set you free.

I have to create them again in my life. This quarantine will last until May, so it's ok if I slid a bit, you have to get back on the horse again quickly.

I just deleted again every single social media from my phone and every browsing app. My phone is just a texting & photography device.

On my laptop, I activated Cold Turkey again, which blocks YouTube, my Achilles heel.

I also downloaded a book about discipline which I want to read. I need a tiny bit of motivation just to get that sweet momentum going.

Today I wrote a bit about how I feel.

Tomorrow I will write about my next actions for my businesses.

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