March 22nd, 2020 | New me

It's funny how a bit of blogging get's you on the right track mentally.

Yesterday, after writting about my laziness and articulating what I've been doing wrong the past week, I slept like a baby.

Today it's Sunday, March 22nd.

This time last week I was getting ready to launch, a project I launched on ProductHunt the next day and it absolutely flopped.

I am not talking about upvotes or virality, I am talking that it got zero paying customers.

Here's a bit of information to undestand the situation better:

Cyberleads -> 10 paying customers.

Angelstep -> 0 paying customers

Statistically, I would have ~5 customers, but I don't even have one!

Normally I would ditch this idea and stop it in it's tracks, but here's why I will give it one last go:

There are many products about finding on PH that have great success.

One of them is InvestorHunt, (, a database of investors, that had super successful launches and reached about 10K MRR.

So, I have reasons to believe that this product could work.

But my PH launch is in the past. That's gone. I fucked that up. What I can do though is launch in Facebook Groups and Reddit.

I will prepare today some kind of short video showing a scolling list of investors and post it on Facebook. I will also give away about 5 free accounts to random people that like and comment "Me!". That will help it jump on other peoples' feed.

That's it really. If none of them work, I don't know, I will probably ditch it and focus on Cyberleads straight away.

But I think this could work, I am very curious as to why it didn't work..

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