March 16th, 2020 | Epic fail...

So today I launched, it didn't go well.

I got up at 05:00 and had 4 hours to prepare. 09:00 in Milan is 00:00 in San Fransisco.

I prepared everything,  the landing page wording, the product hunt tag line, the image, the description, the images, the initial comment.

I also prepared a twitter thread to help me get a small boost of upvotes, the beginning is everything for a good PH launch.

At about 08:30 I have a little check to see what time it's in San Fransisco, and it's already 00:30!

What the fuck. The time changed. Today. Of all days. What the hell.

I had everything ready though and I wasn't terribly late, so I said "fuck it", and pulled the trigger.

However, no one really helped me. My followers don't really seem active lately. Or at least they are not engaged with me much.

Anyway, no one really helped me and I ended up being under "the fold", basically hidden from everyone.

I got about 200 visitors but no one became a paid customer.

I am super bummed out right now tbh... :(

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