March 15th, 2020 | Program officially fucked

So all this week I was working remotely from home.

Initially I thought this was the best thing ever, but it wasn't.

I have no clear boundaries of work, personal projects, and rest.

Before this, I woke up at 05:00, worked until 08:00, went to the gym until 09:00, and was at the office by 10:00. I got back home at 18:30, eat my already cooked meal, have a shower and rest happily without any regrets.

Now, I wake up at 06:00, I work on my personal projects until 10:00, and then start work. But I can't concentrate on work. It's very hard. I end up dragging the day into the night, like 9:00 or even 10:00. Right now it's 10:00 PM and I just closed my laptop.

Anyway, let's talk about the exciting stuff!

Tomorrow I'm launching a new product,, it's like Cyberleads but for investors.

I really think it can be a true success and get me to my goal, $500 MRR!

Only thinking about it makes me so happy.

I'll be launching tomorrow morning, wish me luck! :)

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