March 11th, 2020 | Working from home

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020.

Since Monday, I have been working remotely from home, they forced us to because of the corona virus.

This gives me theoretically a lot more time, but the truth is that I don't feel that motivated the last two days.

Monday sucked, I worked from my bedroom and had no clear boundaries between work, rest and talking on the phone. It was a disaster.

Everyone is calling me atm because they see Milan on the news. I am in quarantine right now, which means I don't leave the house at all.

Yesterday I spent the day thinking of how to grow Cyberleads. Honestly, this is the next step in my career, learning to play the long game. SEO, distribution channels, nail down two or three strategies that bring in traffic over time, and do them again and again and again.

But my mind won't let me invest in the distant future. I still have less than 10 customers, I know I should be scratching and clawing, instead of focusing on SEO.

I also want to launch other products as well, I want to have a suite of products I can rotate and launch again and again. They are low maintenance so it's possible.

This week I want to launch, which is like Cyberleads but for investors.

From my last launch with Cyberleads, I found a few errors in my approach.

- Have a demo on the website
- Upon signup, send them the previous list

I don't know about the second one, because it takes time and the idea, although in another vertical, is not validated.

I will do the demo today and then think about the other. I will launch it this Friday, so in two days.

See you tomorrow.

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