February 29th, 2020 | Final day!

February 29th.. Tomorrow is March 1st, which means I have to send out the first list to my nine paying customers. (they were ten, but one of them asked for a refund because he was FURIOUS he didn't receive the previous month's report upon sign up)

I simply did not have one, so offered him a refund. Whatever.

CyberLeads is a boutique, not Walmart. The list is quality A+ and with extra information like emails, everything verified by a human. I'm proud of that, no big company can compete with me on that.

Going over startups and checking all social profiles, emails and numbers takes a bit of time. Hopefully I can go zen and focus all day today and finish it.

Wish me luck, I will update you tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I will write the monthly update, very excited, came leaps and bounds from the previous month. And I believe March will be completely bananas with the things I have planned to do :)

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