February 28th, 2020 | Boredom brings ideas

I hope my manager doesn't read this, but if you do, sorry Marco! :D

All jokes aside, when you work, you always have a few moments of downtime when you have a mini break at your computer. At those times, ideas come to you.

Anyone that has travelled on a bus, train or plane with no TV, book or WiFi knows the feeling. You are forced to entertain your mind, not just feed it stimulus.

At work, I started playing around with my new ingredients, and try to come up with new recipes.

One idea I had is to launch multiple times on Product Hunt side projects that promote CyberLeads, good old "engineered marketing".

I have no fucking idea if it will work, but I want to give it a try. The first one I want to  build is a small report on "women in tech", from all the data on funding I have gathered these past two weeks.

March 8th is national women's day, so I think it's a good opportunity and good timeline to build it.

I have no idea how and with what tools, so don't ask!

Also, I thought another 3 ideas like CyberLeads, same model, email every month, same kind of market. Same distribution channel. Spin offs. Verticals as they say but still in ProductHunt-sphere.

I am thinking of launching them as well in the same way, like in March, and then go on a rotating launching cycle. You can relaunch every few months on PH.

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