March 1st, 2020 | Sent the list!

Sunday. Went to bed last night at 01:00 AM. For me, nowadays, that's my definition of being a bad boy.

I woke up in the morning and created a small feedback survey. My mind was all over the place, and my question where way too many and too specific, so I went for a walk.

It's difficult to ask questions that are not "soft-balls", everyone wants to verify everything he knows. I wanted to ask if me validating the emails for them is important, if they would want more startups in the list, if they are looking for funded startups or fast growing startups in general and much more.

I realized these are just my own questions, but don't help me understand the most important thing of all, why are you here, and is this list good enough. Full stop.

So, I ended up with three very simple questions:

- What is your goal you are trying to achieve with this list?
a) Get more clients
b) Analyze tech market
c) Other

- Is the amount of information of this list enough to help you achieve this goal?
a) It's not enough
b) It's ok, but could be better
c) It's exactly what I need

- What can I add, change or remove to make this list better for you?
<<Open field question>>

I sent out the list in the early afternoon, and started doing chores. Supermarket, clean my room, haircut, meal prep for the week.

At some point, while I was cooking, an email comes in.

"I want to unsubscribe and want a full refund"

Just like that, no explanation, no nothing. I have "30 days money back guarantee" on my website, so of course I refunded the guy immediately. I asked how the list differed to what he expected to receive. Never replied.

I was devastated. Normally negative feedback doesn't hit me so hard, but I was really bummed out.

Damn. First feedback about this list. Instant unsubscribe and refund. Fuck...

Luckily, a few hours later, I go into typeform to check if there is a response to my form. There was one, I though it would be from the guy that unsubscribed, but it wasn't.

Some other person, answered, 
- Analyze the tech market
- It's exactly what I need
- Don't know yet, will let you know!


It was late at night when I saw it and it made me relax a bit and helped me go to sleep :)

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