February 25th, 2020 | Relaxed at last...

Yesterday I was stressed because I could not sort out the email collection situation for CyberLeads. But fortunately I found a great service and the results are pretty good.

You send a request with name and company name and it gives you the email.

For example, Alex at CyberLeads and it responds with "alex@getcyberleads.com" and also a confidence level, if the email is verified. And they are public available emails, not emails from some scrapped database.

More than 80% of the requests resulted in an email, and from those,  80% are valid. Not too bad!

The only bad thing is that I had to subscribe for quite some money, but after seeing the results on the free tier, I had zero problem.

Now that I am thinking of it as if I'm a company, I understand the power of B2B, how easy it is to wip out your credit card to buy something for your business, as opposed to buying something for yourself.

Anyway. That's that. The list has emails. Of course I have to comb through it all manually and fill in all the cells that where empty. And also validate every single data point. But... it is so beautiful!

One other thing I want to do is change the wording on the website. I will do that now.

Also, add a small demo on the website.

Last but now least, follow up with everyone that asked for a demo and send them a sample and see what happens.

I read a small blog post from Pat Walls and got a bit nervous. He talks about how he grew Pidgeon to $1k MRR and it took him one year.

Ok, that might not sound crazy, and it's probably not the same for our case here, right?

Pidgeon launched and went straight away to $300 MRR, just like CyberLeads... Brrrr.. I got the chills.

Pat talks about launching to a pre-existing audience of his and reaching 10 paying customers in the first month. Exactly like us here.

But the second month he only got one customer. Plus, churn knocks on the door as well.

So yeah, I should hustle for every single signup I can get. Every. Single. One. Also, if people stick around with this list I send out and don't churn, focus on finding a repeatable and predictable way of getting more traffic and paying users.

So, my plan is: send a fucking beautiful product on the 1st of March. See how many churn. My goal is 7/10 to stay. Then, focus on growth, of course while still improving the product.

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