February 23rd, 2020 | Building a parashute while falling

It’s February 23rd, Sunday. This time next week I have to have the list ready. Shit’s about to get real, and the pressure is on.

So far, I have everything sorted out apart from the emails of the CEOs.

Now I have a bunch of company names and CEO names, and need an API that given a name, a title and a company, returns you their email.

There are maaaany of these services, and that’s maybe the bad thing, I don’t know which one to choose. It’s not easy to find out which one is the best, and I was not satisfied after trying out some free tiers.

Like, from about 100 CEOs, I got 33 emails, so 1/3 of them. And then I would have to check if they are valid, so maybe 1/4 of them will be valid to enter the list..

I have to take action though tomorrow. Today I looked around too much, just pick one and move, there is no time to waste here. Also, it will cost some money, which kinda sucks but whatever, I need it.

This week, I started measuring time in 25-5 Pomodoros, which is a timer that sets an interval of 25 minutes of work, followed by 5 minutes of rest. It really keeps the pace on you and you get a lot more done.

It also helps me understand time better. It’s better to say “I will work 4 Pomodoro sessions now” that say “I will work for two hours”.

So yeah, Monday, I finish with the email thing.

Then, I have the rest of the month to fill in the blanks and make the list a thing of beauty. Every single entry is filled, no cells are empty.

Can’t wait to send it out, it looks gorgeous already, it’s quality, not quantity. The order of magnitude is in the hundreds, and everything is filled out perfectly and checked by a human. No bullshit entries, no bullshit data scrapped by a robot.

Also, on a side note, here in Milan people are going crazy with Corona Virus. Supermarkets are empty. All the oranges gone. All the apples gone. All the meat gone. People are shopping as if it’s the end of the world. People wearing masks on the street and gloves.

The city is packed with Chinese right now since it’s fashion week. Maybe that’s the cause of the outbreak.

Many companies have shut down, like my room mate’s, who works for Campari. Mine is open, so I’ll be going to work as usual tomorrow.

It’s 21:30 and I want to wake up at 04:30 tomorrow to get some serious work in. It’s funny how unproductive my weekends are compared to weekdays, looking forward to a crazy week.

I really hope I can manage this, and don’t fall flat on my face. Peace.

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