January 12th, 2021 | Podcast

Tried recording a podcast yesterday for the first time ever.

It was with my best friend from Greece. Just a 30 minute chat, in Greek.

It was to try out my gear and see what it looks and sounds like.

Now I'm in the process of downloading the recordings and editing the video.

This is what my setup looks like.
- MacBook with a webcam.
- External microphone.
- AirPods.
- Riverside.fm to record podcasts.
- Host episodes on YouTube.

I'll upload them manually for now.

I don't really need anything else. And I suspect that I won't need anything else for a long time.

Your gear is not going to stop you. You could build a huge podcast with this basic setup. Actually, even with a lot less.

No more "getting ready" - now I'll start doing the actual thing.

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