January 13th, 2021 | Inspiration

Still writing "3 years of building products".

The worse thing about these long essays is that it's hard to know what to include.

Constraints create freedom and help you be more creative.

Now I can write about anything, and I'm a bit stuck.

Not much inspiration. I actually wanted to quit this morning.

"Fuck it. I'll write about it in a few months. When I'm inspired."

And I could very well just do that. But the problem is that I want to write down my plans for 2021. And I cannot do that properly unless I recap the previous year the right way.

That's why 2020 did wonders for me. Because at the end of 2019, I wrote "2 years of building products" and could clearly see what worked for me and what didn't.

Without introspection, we are half blind. So, I'll keep going whether I am inspired or not.

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