November 5, 2020 | Wild west

Today I was reminded how much the internet is like the wild west.

I put on the Cyberleads website a "30 day money back guarantee"

I used to have it back in the day, when I first launched, and very few actually asked for refunds.

It was a net positive.

Added it again yesterday, to see if it would boost sales.

I got an annual subscriber this morning. Before subscribing, he asked about the refund policy.

I assured him that if he wasn't happy with the lists, I would refund him.

I thought he would subscribe to the monthly plan.

But he subscribed to the annual plan. That means he got another three extra lists.

My girlfriend instantly predicted he was in for the steal.

I challenged the fact that no one gives $300+ to get free stuff. Even if there is a strong chance to get a refund.

Funnily enough, a few hours later, he came back with his "reasons" why he wanted a refund.

1. The payment gateway redirected me to another page.

2. The checkout lagged.

3. The lists had many US companies, as opposed to UK/EU companies. (it's clearly stated on the website)

I could either refund him and get on with my life, or not refund him and counter every argument.

But I really don't give a fuck. Take your money and get out of my life.

I removed the "30 day money back guarantee".

No reason to have it anyway. The free demo is clear enough, and people can come in and get the lists and bounce.

Oh, internet...

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