November 4, 2020 | Writing

Balance is an illusion.

Doing multiple things, at the same frequency, at the same pace, at the same time.

Being present. Working for the future. Working for yourself. Working for your company.

Working out. Spending time with friends. Spending time with your partner.

No one can do that. That's for robots, not humans.

Humans go through phases.

For example, one thing that is lacking this period from my life is writting.

These blog posts are almost like a brain dump, usually less than 10 minutes in duration.

I really miss going deep into my thoughts about entrepreneurship and life. I used to spend almost an hour every day crafting every single blog post.

But Cyberleads is going well, so.. maybe I'm allocating my time correctly.

Nothing solidifies your thoughts better than writing them down.

They get molded. From ideas, to statues.

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