November 3, 2020 | Courses

Change happens in pendulum swings.

When one idea bursts into the scene, it usually comes with a bang. To cancel out an opposing idea.

Don't worry. I'm going to talk about politics. I'm talking about entrepreneurship.

A few years, or even months ago, every one in the indie hacking scene was trying to build a SaaS product.

Super complicated. Product first. Most never made a single dollar. They would launch on PH and pray to the gods that they get customers.

Me included!

Nowadays I see the opposite. People building smaller, even info products. Charging from day zero. Hustling to validate it with real money.

I love that.

But we're nearly at the point where everyone is launching a course. We are selling courses to each other. Recycling our money.

And to sell a course, you have to sell a result. The copy is almost.. like "get rich quick" schemes.

Initially I was worried that the lovely indiehacker scene would end up being people selling courses to each other.

But I know it will wear off to normal levels. This is just the initial boom.

Actually, to be honest, I love the fundamentals behind it. Launching quickly. Setting up a landing page and a gumroad page and launching. Opening pre-sales. Making a dollar as fast as possible to validate. 

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