November 2, 2020 | Worrying

The biggest individual factor that affects happiness is worrying.

At least for me.

A person with no real struggle in his life. Healthy. Loving family. A degree to fall back on to. Four limbs. A health brain.

I think this is universal. Even the richest prince worries about things.

I was thinking about this today.

There are two ways to handle it.

Way number one:

Try to take control of all the variables of your life.

Make money. Control your time. Control your location. Control what you spend time on working. Who you spend time with. Your environment. What happens to you.

Try to tame the universe, if you will.

Way number two:

Accept that there will always be worry.

Even if you were crowned a prince tomorrow, and had control over the above mentioned variables, you would still be filled with worry!

Instead, you can turn worry into excitement.

When I used to fight in kick boxing and muay thai, this was my biggest life hack.

In the lead up for a fight, when I was filled with nerves, I would trick myself.

Even right before going out to the ring, when I had my hands wrapped, I would say to my self:

"I cannot wait to get in there! I'm so excited! Come on already! Oh my god, I'm so happy!"

Of course it was a lie. Complete and utter bullshit. I was scared shitless of being KO'd.

But it works if you really say it like you mean it.

Your body interprets stress and excitement nearly the same way. The physiological reactions and chemicals in your body are very similar.

So, to recap.

The answer on how to handle stress lies somewhere in the middle, as everything does.

I'm not saying let's forget everything and trick our brains.

But let's not get crazy and try to control the whole world around us. You can't do that, anyway. Let's accept it and try to be optimistic instead of pessimistic. View the uncertainties of the future as something exciting, not something scary.

Instead of worrying all our lives, let's be excited all your lives.

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