October 18, 2020 | Having a voice

Sometimes people ask for your opinion because they want to hear it.

Other times they just ask out of politeness. They don't care what you think, especially if you disagree.

Today at work we were asked to write down things we like and dislike in our company. Anything.

I wrote that I would prefer to have all team meetings in the afternoon. Have all the morning free, to focus on creative work like programming.

In the afternoon, after all that creative work, and after eating all that food, you can give your updates and discuss with your team about features, bugs, etc.

Right now, we start our days with meetings. I would like to end them with meetings.

Most people agreed with me. Others didn't, but truly tried to see where I'm coming from. They respected my opinion, regardless of status inside the company.

We finally agreed to change all team meetings. For two weeks at least, to try it out.

I don't take this for granted. This was super cool.

Maybe we are setting the bar too low, but it felt really nice to be heard.

In 99% of companies, this doesn't happen.

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