October 16, 2020 | Networking

I still remember the day I found a Pieter Levels YouTube video and looked him up online.

I remember finding his Twitter profile. Up until then, Twitter was a website I had logged in once many years ago. I followed Bill Gates and Barack Obama, and then logged out. Never went back.

My mind exploded.

I had no idea that it was such a powerful medium if you are in tech.

I found this crazy tribe of people, like Pieter, sharing their numbers and experiences. Speaking the damn truth without sugar coating anything. The good. The bad. Not acting cool.

Two years later, and now I'm pretty deep in this bubble.

I would like to take it a step further.

I would like to actually talk to people and get to know them. A proper conversation, instead of just supporting each other with comments and likes.

I've had a couple of Zoom beers with other makers, and it was really fun.

We spend a lot of time in each others' timelines. With some people we are in some sort of communication for months. Why not get to know each other?

Fuck it.

I will start reaching out to people and try to have a beer with them through Zoom!

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