October 14, 2020 | True transparency

I was thinking the other day that I am as transparent with my emotions on my blog, as I am in my real life.

I don't hide much.

And what I don't write about, I usually don't talk about in real life either.

That means that I share the same amount, with thousands of strangers that read this blog, and with the few people that are actually in my life.

Pretty strange, right?

Don't know if it's normal.

Maybe some things are personal, and shouldn't be shared with anyone. Maybe some things are personal and should be shared only with people close to you, and not be thrown away in public like that.

They are called "personal" for a reason.

But I love sharing raw thoughts and emotions on my blog. I write as if no one is reading. Just for me.

Even on podcasts, I speak as if no one is going to listen to it.

It feels easy to be open.

Writing about crying and shit.. who cares!

But should there be layers in transparency? Should I try to supress my blog or actively try to be more transparent with the people in my daily life?

I would like that.. become more transparent with the people I love and care about. I can do better.

Maybe this is true.. 

True transparency is being vulnerable with the people you love, not talking about your emotions on the internet.

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