October 13, 2020 | SEO

Started with SEO. I'm so fucking excited.

I subscribed to Ahrefs. I have some keywords with low difficulty and large traffic. And best of all, I can pump out many of these.

SEO will be the main growth engine of Cyberleads, long term.

I'm constantly going back and forth as to if I like my current growth engine.

As you have guessed, it's social. Mostly Twitter. It's crazy. One month it goes great. The other it goes bad. It's a low risk, high reward kind of thing. But it doesn't always work out.

I like the fact that it makes me get out of my comfort zone regularly. But I'm not a fan of it's unstable nature.

SEO is the opposite. It's as stable as they come, but very slow. It also allows you to stay in the shadows and not communicate with anyone.

I'm reading "Antifragile" at the moment, and one of the main concepts of the book is that you should stack both kind of risks.

Be very conservative with important things in your life. Health. Sex with strangers without a condom. Money in the bank.

But also be wild and take crazy risks, that don't have much of a downside. Like building new indie products for example.

The upside is big. The downside small.

You create some kind of magic. You create "luck".

So, Nassim Taleb would be very proud if I had a stable amount of traffic coming through SEO, and then I went wild on Twitter creating my luck.

Something to think about.

For now, I know that SEO will take at least six months to kick in, start compounding and resulting into customers.

So for now, I'll keep doing what I'm doing.

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