October 12, 2020 | Stoicism

I keep coming back to stoicism.

I'm not a philosophy expert as you can tell, but I find it to be the most complete guide to living life.

Just focus on what you can do. Forget about the things you cannot control.

Yesterday I saw an ex-competitor start again with his product. In a different niche. I didn't like the feeling, although this shouldn't get me fired up. At all.

Then, I saw another guy on Twitter with a pretty big agency audience hinting to starting a lead generation subscription business. Very, very similar to Cyberleads.

He is very talented. And I wish him all the best. But I must admit that my initial reaction again was negative.

It always starts with fucking stress. But when I rationalize, I realize that it's an illusion.

You should only focus on yourself. In a big, lucrative market, in the place called the "internet", no competitor can stop you from making $10k, $20k or even $100k per month.

You are the only ceiling to your company.

It's counter-intuitive. Our monkey brains cannot grasp the concept of a positive-sum game. My initial reaction is always as if the internet is a zero-sum game. 

That they will "STEAL" customers from me. Close me down.

Bullshit. Overlapping on the internet is highly unlikely. And even if you do, how likely is it to lose a customer to someone else? Extremely.

And how likely is it to lose so many customers to someone else that it becomes a problem? Even more rare.

And how likely to shut you down? Almost impossible.

And in that case, you can simply pivot a little or position yourself a little differently, and you are not competing, again.

And the opposite. You can't harm anyone or shut them down. So, no reason to waste energy. Let them give up. That's the best strategy.

Business is for people that are playing the long game.

I talked to my best friend yesterday and I was telling him about the above.

He came up with a great point. He said:

"What is Cyberleads anyway? You started Cyberleads as a way to a better lifestyle.

Freedom. Free time. Time to explore the world, yourself and your hobbies.

Lately it's becoming the opposite. Your lifestyle is adapting to growing Cyberleads.

You're thinking about it all day long and you are getting stressed.

Don't forget why you started."

He is so right. I thanked him.

No need to stress about things that are not in your hand.

Just focus on yourself.

And whatever happens, don't get tricked.

Don't forget why you started.

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