October 9, 2020 | Twitter audience

I've been pretty active on Twitter recently.

I'm writing this daily blog and drafting a nice tweet first thing in the morning.

I'm going to be posting every day from now on, and wait for the results.

It's easy to get dissapointed and start doubting your self or your method when you don't get immediate results, but you have to leave the results to come naturally.

They are not in your hand anyway. Only the inputs are in your hand.

We are all impatient.

Moreover, I've been thinking about my tweets.

I mostly tweet about business. Mostly internet. Mostly bootstrap. Mostly indie.

That means that I probably reach agency owners and CEOs indirectly. Not directly.

I could start creating quality content for them also. Don't worry, it won't be slutty or out of character. It will be interesting for anyone in tech. Agency CEOs and owners are still part of tech twitter, just another sphere.

I have to tap into that. Tap into the source. That could be the next big step for marketing, until SEO starts kicking in.

I'm anticipating my SEO efforts to start showing in six months from now.

Until then, I want to make my Twitter game even more powerful, tap into the agency twitter bubble, and reach 10K followers.

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