October 10, 2020 | Transparency

Every single time I post something transparent on Twitter, I worry about how vulnerable this leaves me.

I'm willingly giving a detailed, inside look into how much money I'm making. How I'm making it. How I'm getting traffic. How much it converts. How I launched. Everything.

But at the same time, I'm getting new eyeballs on Cyberleads. New followers. New customers.

That's when I'm reminded that it's worth it.

The net value is positive.

The other reason I do it is to encourage and cultivate my "brave" or "courage" muscle.

The final reason I do it is to inspire other. Basically myself, one year ago. The 2019 and 2018 versions of Alex.

Today is Sunday, so YouTube was unblocked from my computer.

I saw a guy sharing transparently revenue numbers and shareholding percentages.

It's the founder of Gymshark, a company valued at $1.45B.

What? You can take it that far?

Most people stop being transparent at around $10k or $20k per month.

But why? Is it fear of painting a target on your back? Is it the fear of getting into "bragging" territory?

I don't know. But this Gymshark guy has taken transparency to a whole other level.

He's built his company transparently, from day one sowing t-shirts in his bedroom, to being valued at over one billion.

This guy is so powerful right now. If you wiped out his entire net worth today, he'd be rich again in no time.

Because he has credibility. And a strong personal brand. 

He might be worth a big chunk of that $1.45B.

Just by being himself.

I love that. Keep sharing.

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