October 8, 2020 | Hate engineering

I fucking hate coding. Honestly, I'm done with it.

I wanna do higher level stuff. No more talking about system processes and databases.

Sometimes at my day job I feel like I'm in the lab, designing the perfect bullets for a gun. While, I would prefer to be the hunter.

Or another metaphor.

I feel like I'm one of those Formula One engineers studying the wind resistance, temperatures and constantly fine tuning everything to perfection.

While, I would prefer to be the driver.

I'm pretty confident that I just want to build internet businesses.

Be in touch with the 'source'. The customers. The value, I or we, provide.

I want to provide value to people, at scale, and make them find it SO valuable, that they actually give me their hard-earned American dollars for it. Directly to me. Have skin in the game.

Be useful to the world. And the world shall reward me. At scale.

I still enjoy building small scrappers and automating things with code from time to time. But coding in a professional environment?

No thank you.

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