October 7, 2020 | Competitor quit

Another day, another competitor quit and shut down.

I'm going to lie, I enjoyed going to their website and getting a 404.

Not that I have anything against them. I don't even know them. I honestly wish them all the best.

And even if they were killing it, it wouldn't affect me.

They were using paid search as a distribution channel. I'm using social. So, we weren't bumping heads. I wasn't doing damage to them. They weren't doing damage to me.

Ok, they ran ads against the keyword Cyberleads, which is a bit of a bitch move, but whatever. It just shows you that they didn't do their homework.

That sounds like some black hat SEO strategy out of a cheap growth hacking book.

Anyway. I enjoyed it the same way you enjoy overtaking someone in a race. You don't hate the other person, but you enjoy the feeling of persevering.

This was nice to have after a "down" month. It reminded me of the game we are playing.

It's a very long game. We are trying to change our lives. And that makes small loses completely irrelevant.

Good luck to them.

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