August 8, 2020 | Looking at old notes

One of my favorite things is looking at old notes. Seeing where I was twelve months ago, and where I am today.

I've been doing this ever since I was twelve or thirteen. Looking at my progress. If I don't cringe at myself of one year ago, something is wrong.

As I was growing older, throughout the last years of uni, I would cringe less and less.

The peak of that was this time last year. I was sitting exactly where I'm sitting now, in our garden in the mountains. Thinking that I had hardly changed from the previous year.

It was not a pleasant feeling. That's when I decided to accept my current job and move abroad.

When in doubt, do the opposite of what you are doing.

This year I could hardly remember what I was like one year ago. I haven't experienced this kind of growth since my teenage years.

This time last year I was building stupid side projects for product hunt.

This year, I'm working on a medical device NASA astronauts will wear when they go to Mars.

And most importantly, I'm running my own business.

There is nothing more satisfying than growth like that.

Running a business is much more than making money. It's a philosophy class. You test your ethics. Morals. Competitive spirit. Discipline. Experience the ups and downs. Have to learn to manage stress. Realize how little control you have of outcomes. You learn to let go...

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