Day #220 | Health

Yesterday I had a very strange pain in my arm. I felt my right arm numb and it was hard to move. It was like I was losing control over it.

I'm always cool and never, ever go to the doctor. But this time it was different. A daemon entered my mind and started whispering in my ear.

"Maybe you have ALS..."

"Maybe you have something chronic. After all, you have never experienced this pain before..."

All my previous thoughts became irrelevant. Cyberleads. Money. The future. The past. My job. My progress. If I'm cool or interesting. Women. What my parents will think about me.

It reminded me of what Naval says:
"A healthy person wants a million different things. A sick person wants only one thing. To become healthy."

I hadn't thought of all those things for hours. Until my arm became better. Then I went back to my old self.

It was like a small bad trip.

At the end of it, I noted it and promised to myself that I would write a tiny blog post about it. I had forgotten about it, but luckily the note remained.

So, here we are.

If you are healthy, you have it all. Everything else is extra.