July 19, 2020 | Strengths

Should we do the things we don't want to do? Or play along our strengths and preferences?

On one extreme you have people that can do things they don't necessarily enjoy. They can power through them. They struggle. They work a job that pays well but don't want to do. They never complain.

Pros: They can power through most things.
Cons: They are not picky, and end up doing stuff they don't enjoy.

On the other extreme, you have people that can't get their ass to do uncomfortable shit. They live a life of comfort and zero personal growth.

Pros: Won't struggle for no reason.
Cons: Never try new things. Never grow. Never find out what they like.

Comfort zones stretch, so things that initially seem difficult to do, become second nature.

As always, the answer lies somewhere in the middle.

- We should be picky/lazy enough to not settle for a life we don't enjoy. These are significant things in life. A job. A career. The city you live in. The type of life you live.

- But we should be strong enough to get our asses and do the daily things that have to be done. Even if we don't want to do them. These small things allow us to be picky with the bigger things.

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