June 17th, 2020 | Everything is relative

I caught myself being greedy today. A friend of mine was telling me how he's killing it with his business and is growing twice as fast as me.

I felt an urge to grow faster. All night yesterday and all day today I was thinking about it. Where I'm at was suddenly not good enough.

As always, I went for a run and everything started getting clearer in my mind.

Think about how stupid and fucked up this is. Exact same circumstances. Exact same world. Exact same reality. The only difference is that I started comparing myself to someone else and I instantly went from happy and proud of my progress, to being disappointed and anxious.

Five months ago I would kill to be where I'm at now. I have to remind myself that. I forget that I failed for two years straight. That I flopped with nearly 20 products. That I felt like a fucking dork.

I like going back to those places from time to time, to my mentality a few months ago. We forget quickly, but thankfully I have my blogs.

Compete with yourself. No one else.

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