Jan 24th, 2020 | First good week

Today waking up was a real struggle. I was tempted to sleep again for another three hours. But these three hours are the most important hours of the day, working on my projects and working out. They keep me sane and happy.

Eventually I got out of bed and did everything as usual. The gym sessions are going great, this week I went four times, hitting all muscle groups twice. Which is good.

All in all, this week was a huge success, and I cannot stress this enough. I don't really care about the progress, because that is not always in your hand, like with an idea that "pops", or a number of customers flocking in. I am very proud of myself dedicating two focused, uninterrupted hours every day on my craft. I already feel the momentum flowing. I will just focus on myself and getting better little by little everyday. Not the results, those will come. I hope.

Tomorrow I'll work some more, and since it's a Saturday, I'll have time to do some extra stuff.

1. Organize weekly sprint
2. Organize daily blog template
3. Work

I'm so tired right now, although I'm sleeping 8 hours every day, I have black bags under my eyes and look like a junky. Strange.. Haha.

See you tomorrow.

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