Jan 25th, 2020 | A Saturday

Saturday.. I slept like a baby, 10 hours.

When I woke up though, I didn't have that drive to work on my projects. To be honest, I did nothing.

However, I had promised myself that I would leave the house and explore the city, so that's what I did.

I took the tram, went into town and got off at the Duomo. I visited a modern art gallery and spent a few hours in there.

In the beginning I was cynical as fuck. Looking around, critisizing the rest of the people pretending to find the paintings interesting. "They are trying to find something that isn't there, so they feel cultured." Oh shit, maybe that's the whole point! Art doesn't have to be something spectacular, artists are only humans after all, maybe all that matters is the thoughts that come to you.

After that thought, I enjoyed the gallery and read all the reasoning behind the paintings and sculptures. It was about a movement called "futurism", that took place in Milan in the early 1900s.

These artists, from what I understood, saw a world drastically shifting from a static one, to a world with crazy pace. Trains, metros, trams, factories, people running left and right. Their art was nothing special in my honest, uneducated opinion, but it clearly showed the motion and stress of the era. There was one painting with some trees that caused me the craziest anxiety. I read that the artist behind it had severe anxiety and that it showed in his paintings.

After I left the gallery, I went to a famous bookstore to find a book. The only thing I realized is that I want to buy a Kindle. Not many English books, plus they are expensive :)

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