Jan 23rd, 2020 | Another good day

This morning went great. I woke up again on time, and did what I had to do. I'm getting better as well. In two hours I do what I did all day back home.

Strip the bullshit and just do what has to be done. Emails, Reddit posts, etc.

Went to the gym as well. To be honest the week is creeping up to me, especially since I'm going to the gym on Monday(upper body), Tuesday(legs), Thursday(upper body) and Friday(legs). On Wednesday I stretch at home because I'm sore as fuck.

But 8 hours is barely enough sleep for me  when I work out... So, I'm a bit tired and don't really have the energy to write this but I have to put the reps in.

So, I guess these daily blogs are kinda shit, because they are neither super specific as to what I did, nor do I articulate my thoughts. (I write about them everyday but I'm too shy to post them)

I'll have to find a format on the weekend about how these blogs should be, both the weekly and the daily.

See you tomorrow!

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