May 18th, 2020 | Counter intuitive

Building businesses is very counter intuitive. Our logic often leads us to do things that are actually harming our progress.

Although I had read about every single one of these points, I had to learn the hard way about them. That is by losing months on end on each one.

- When ideating, don't keep your idea secret. Not only won't people steal it, but their feedback will help you improve it.

- When building, don't be a perfectionist. Not only it won't matter to your user, but you are probably making your product worse.

- When growing, share revenue numbers. You may get copied, but you will get many visitors to your website. And, by the way, the internet is big enough for everyone.

- When growing, focus on retention. It's more important than growth. A subscription business with no retention is a one-time purchase business.

- When talking to your customers, don't pretend to be a company. Being a one man team is a super power. You can connect to others easily. Especially to fellow founders.

- When scaling, stick to one distribution channel. You may be missing out on other channels, but it's better to be good at one than average everywhere.

The last one is the one I'm learning now.

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