May 17th, 2020 | Meat and potatoes

Another week. Another tweet that brought thousands of visitors to Cyberleads. Another week with new paying customers.

It seems like I've cracked level two of the game. That of finding a distribution channel and a (somewhat) predictable way to acquire new customers.

Things are looking pretty great.

Level one, and my goal for Q1, was to find a B2B product, in tech, with a high price tag ($50/mo). I found Cyberleads half way through Q1.

Level two was my goal for Q2, to find a reliable way to grow Cyberleads. I think I found that now, half way through the second quarter.

Now, all that's left is to keep putting in the work.

Tweet. Get feedback. Improve the product. Try new things. Rinse and repeat.

Basically live like an athlete. Wake up. Put in the work. Nothing really creative or difficult. Just stick to the basics.

Meat and potatoes.

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