May 19th, 2020 | Momentum

Tuesday today. Both yesterday and today, I woke up at 07:00 AM to put in three hours of work on Cyberleads before work. Work starts at 10:00 AM.

Today I want to write about momentum. I've talked about it several times, but it's a concept that fascinates me. I'm always thinking about it.

Momentum is one of the strangest feelings in the world. You've felt it. I've felt it. You know what I'm talking about.

Momentum is almost like some external force that helps you do the things you would not want to do otherwise. Putting yourself out there. Taking risks. Trying new things. Having confidence in yourself. Everything is 10 times easier now for some reason. The more you feed it, the easier it becomes. The more you leave it, the more it becomes difficult again.

When it comes to my indie hacking journey, I've had momentum twice before.

Once when I launched GitGardener in '18 and went from 0 to 100 followers.

Another time was when I launched EpilepsyBlocker in '19 and went from 300 to 600 followers.

This time, ever since that tweet in April '20, I've been experiencing momentum like never before.

The first two times I held it for a while and then let go. This time I have to keep building upon it. It has to become a habit. It has to become the new normal.

Momentum feels almost like a hamster wheel. You have to push it regularly.

When you have it, everything is easier. Almost like magic.

Even on Twitter. People remember me still. The people that are following my journey are experiencing the momentum with me. It's so much easier to gain traction now, reach new people, and even get new customers.

My 2000 follower account is stronger than bigger, 10K follower accounts at the moment. Because I'm still relevant to them. If I lose my momentum, they will forget me. They won't engage with my tweets. My account will die down. It has happened to me before.

By the way, I'm not addicted to having followers. But it's the distribution channel I picked. My financial independence is partly reliant on it.

But when you lose it, everything dies down to zero. To normal. And you can lose it quickly.

Another strange thing about momentum is the connection of body and mind. If I feel a lack of motivation to put myself out there, I go for a strong run. That changes everything.

Your body feels momentum, and your mind mirrors that energy as well. In case you didn't know, I ain't no doctor, but I'm a great bro scientist. This is just my personal experience.

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