May 12th, 2020 | Struggle

Life is a struggle. I remember hearing that many times growing up. I always thought it was some melodramatic bullshit. But now that I'm getting older, I'm thinking that it may be true.

Not that life is hard and therefore turns our life into struggle. But that we need struggle in our life. Even when it's not there, we create it.

Let me explain. I have a very fresh example.

Last month I went sort of "viral" twice. The first time on Twitter. The second time on HackerNews.

Both times I felt too stressed and was hoping for it to end. Even the good things, like notifications of new customers were something that I wanted to stop.

Fast forward a few days, I feel bored. Normality is nice and all, but there is something to stress. You feel alive. You grow.

I caught myself training hard the last days, as if I was trying to compensate for the lack of stress in my life. Don't have business related stress? Let's create some physical stress.

Let's create some struggle.

When you are stress free, you are bored and you want something to happen.

When you are stressed, you just want to be stress free and bored.

Maybe we can never be happy. Never be content. We need a certain amount of stress.

Maybe we need flow.

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