Jan 20th, 2020 | Time and priorities

This is the 20th day of the year, and this is my first daily blog. I feel like weekly blogs can make you slack off a bit with your introspection, so I’ll start writing every single day. That’s the best formula for forming habits for me personally. I am better at going to the gym every day than 4 times a week. I am better at reading a book every night than 3 days a week. And so on.

Today a thought came to my mind.

"The thing you do first thing in the morning get’s your full attention, focus and yields the best results."

Before I started this job, I remember that the first two working hours amounted to 80% of the work I would do that day. 

Unless I was programming, then maybe the first three or even four hours. But in general, the first two hours.

Let’s analyze my day today. I woke up at 7:00, had breakfast, went to the gym, showered, got dressed and then went to work at 10:00. Already the first three hours of my mental clarity were somewhat “wasted”.

I am super focused in the gym, and at work from 10:00 until lunch break (13:00-14:00) I am also super focused. Then, of course, my performance dips. At 18:00, when I leave work, my brain is foggy and tired.

The funny thing is that I have the audacity to believe that I will get home at 18:30 and work on my personal projects until 22:00 or 23:00. I can do things like blogging, like I’m doing now (it’s 22:00). But true, focused, uninterrupted work? Difficult..

Let alone the fact that the kind of work I HAVE TO DO is getting out of my comfort zone and validating ideas. I need creativity and eagerness to put myself out there. Doesn't fit my psychosomatic state when I come back from work, lol.


My priorities are mixed up. I am leaving the most important thing of the day last, instead of doing it first.

Ok, I did some work today, I built two landing pages and posted them on ProductHunt Ship. Every email that subscribes, will get a personal email from me, trying to book a call or learn more about why he/she subscribed. It will be live in about 24-48 hours.

But still, this is not efficient. I can do better than this. I have to do better than this.

Keep what’s good, discard what’s bad, try new things.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get up at 6:00, work until 8:00, then go to the gym until 9:00 and be at work by 10:00. Let's see how it goes.

My hypothesis is that in this way, three hours of my mental clarity will have been invested in working on my own projects and staying healthy. I can always work at night as well a couple of hours, just don’t need to have crazy expectations about it like now.

If I'm not super tired and can work like I did back home, I can get 80% of the work done before even going to work.

Let's see how this goes.

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