Jan 14th, 2020 | Ready to start working

Completely different week. If I were to grade week number one as a 4 of out 10, week number two gets 8 out of 10.

I managed the gym situation, I go in the morning. Yes, at 08:00 AM.. Me, that used to wake up at 12:00 every day. It’s not as hard as it sounds to be honest.

I wake up at 07:00 AM, make breakfast, drink coffee, cook my food for work and then I go to the gym. I do the basics: bench press, deadlifts, squats, front-squats, pull ups, cleans. I get back from the gym at 09:00 and have a shower and leave for work. I’m there at 10:00 and leave at 18:00. It’s great there, I don’t returned tired anymore.

I remember the first time I went to the gym in the morning I felt a bit strange. I thought that the staff will look at me as if I had two heads. But, if you can imagine, it’s actually pretty busy in the morning. It mostly consists of three types of people. Old people, bodybuilders and old bodybuilders. Oh, and me. I love it though. 

The power is there, but not quite for hitting PRs. For example, my deadlift is at 100kg instead of 120kg, but I don’t have a lifting belt like I did back home, so I’m afraid I might injure myself. Bench went from 80kg x 5 to 80kg x 1. A bit less power but who cares, it makes my whole day better.

I arrive at work fresh. Everyone else is with eye gunk and drinking coffee because they just woke up and I’m smiling, buzzing with energy and endorphins. 10/10 recommend trying.

Another thing that I changed my mind on was the meetings. The first week I had like two or three meetings per day, and they were tiring as fuck.

I remember entering the meetings and thinking “this is the most time-consuming, energy draining, flow interrupting, headache inducing”  thing ever. But first of all, the meetings were because I was new and had to meet several people.

Nowadays, I only have one meeting per day, called daily standup, where everyone in my team stands up in a circle and says what they did the previous day and what they’ll do that day. Like an accountability circle. I like that, and I’ll steal it.

There are a few things that I’ll “steal” going forward.

1. Daily standup -> I will be blogging everyday and saying what I did, not every week.
2. Thinking in weeks and quarters -> No more yearly plans, my goals will be per quarter, and I already have my first one. Get a $100/mo B2B check in Q1.

There are a million things going through my mind and it’s racing at 1000 mph. I am holding back from writing a whole novel here, so the daily blog will be better to spit out my thoughts and the weekly ones will be purely about my progress as an indiehacker.

As far as indiehacking goes, now I am ready to work. Everything is in place and I am at a point where everyday from 19:00 - 00:00 I have five hours to work focused. Discipline is freedom, is a thought that has stuck with me the last few days, and now that I’m disciplined and have my program, I feel free to work.

Work starts tomorrow.

See you next week, oops, I mean tomorrow! :)

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